Why does Ravi use a Tubular Model vs Square?

The Ravi is designed so that you can shift the weight – or load one side to be heavier in certain poses. Some Sensory effects include the sound and feel of the shifting sand which is both soothing and provides a grounding effect.

The Ravi is a Weighted Blanket?

The Ravi has all the benefits of weighted blankets, wrapped up in a smaller, more convenient & portable package.

How do I clean my Ravi?

Do not put in Washing machine or Dryer

Do not submerse or apply excess water to the fabric

Do – Vacuum with upholstery attachment

Do – Minimize fading by avoiding prolonged direct sunlight.

Do – Spot Clean with upholstery cleaner—If your spot cleaner recommends water—apply smallest amount and allow the Ravi to Air Dry or use hair dryer on low heat setting.

Ravi recommendation for Essential Oil Spritz refresher

Use Spritz regularly to keep your Ravi fresh and clean

1/2 Cup Vegetable Alcohol + 1/2 Cup Water + 25+ drops Essential Oil mixture (Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree or Lemon)