Each of the colorways of the mandala series are named after four elements of matter.  Earth Water Fire & Air.

Ancient Greeks used 2 words for air, aer (lower atmosphere)and aether (upper atmosphere)  Aristotle went a step further and separated the elements air and ether – he considered aether to have celestial, divine properties.

The Air element Alchemical symbol is a upward pointing triangle with a single horizontal line through it.  The properties associated with the air element are hot and wet which places the element between fire(hot) and water(wet).  In Ancient Greek Medicine the blood is associated with the air element due to its hot/wet qualities.

Ayurveda (Indian medicine) Vata dosha is the combination of Air and Ether.  Some of the qualities of Vata are rough, cold, light/ dry.  It embodies the characteristics of movement (thoughts – energy – creativity)  When Vata is in balance one will feel energetic, creative and flexible.  Stress and anxiety can push Vata into imbalance, which can make one feel out of control, feeling anxious and may create restless sleep.  Learn more about Ayurveda from the Chopra Center.