In our home, you will find a Ravi with my yoga mat as well as on the couch for those moments of relaxation.  There is one on the passenger seat in the car – I’ve been known to take a Ravi on vacations and business trips.

We live in a time of hustle and bustle.  distractions everywhere – it’s amazing that we are able to function as regular, loving & fulfilled humans at all.  The rise disorders that are attached to stress and anxiety are prolific.  Managing our  stress is now a to-do list item.   Thus the rise of natural remedies and natural therapeutic techniques like yoga, meditation, diet adjustments, using essential oils and products like weighted blankets.

Studies have shown that there are a multitude of therapeutic benefits attributed to the use of heavy blankets – including reducing stress and anxiety.  The Ravi wraps up these heavy blanket benefits and delivers them to you in a compact package.

The Ravi heavy yoga blanket is a reminder… slow down, take deep breaths,  be present, enjoy being in this moment….