It’s a pleasure to introduce you to my passion.  My name is Lori and I am the inventor of Ravi.  I love telling the Ravi history… here it is!

My mother is a quilter and lover of all sorts of handmade things.  A few years ago, my cousin asked my mother to make a heavy blanket for her son.  He had been diagnosed with Autism and she had researched some therapy tools to help him to feel calmer.  Mom made the blanket – it was about  3x4 ft and weighed in at about 10 lbs.  The weight was added by sewing the blanket into squares and putting plastic beads into each square to hold the weight evenly throughout the blanket.  She brought it to me to box up and mail to my cousin.  She probably thought my reaction was a bit odd… all I wanted to do was lay down and put it on top of me.  I am a yoga teacher and I was visualizing all of the yoga poses that would benefit from this weight… RAVI was born.

For what I was envisioning, the large size was not going to work – and I was not a fan of the squares.  The first prototype was quite a bit wonky.  It was only 2 ft x 2 1/2 ft and I had decided to sew tubes instead of squares (they were not even a little bit straight).  My friend and fellow yoga teacher, Lauren (which you will meet in the pictures and videos) helped me fill the beads into the tubes of the first Ravi heavy blanket.  It was a testament to being a yogi – armed with only a funnel and 4 hands we filled that first RAVI in about 45 minutes!  It was crooked, awkward, not quite heavy enough and I absolutely loved it.